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Terms & Conditions

All the forth mentioned terms and conditions should be read carefully before proceeding to deal with us. All the mentioned terms on the legal agreement between ELI and the clients are to be rigorously read and acknowledged before proceeding to deal with ELI. By choosing to click on ‘I agree’ and ‘I accept’, you would be consenting and abiding by all the terms of the agreement.

If not in agreement with the terms of the website, then ‘I accept’ or ‘I agree’ should not be clicked on and neither should any of our services be downloaded or installed.


‘App’ or ‘Application’ or ‘Website’ would mean that ELI Loan the application or the website that has been developed and designed by the organization for supplying these particular services to the people. ‘Lenders’ mostly refers to the non-banking financial organizations or with the banks that the organization ties up with for authorizing the early salary amount, the process of granting the early salary amount to the client.

‘Clients’ or ‘you’ refers to the users – any individual who uses, downloads, and views our services and the website. The credit amount that is registered for through our platform is referred to as ‘early salary’ and the final sanction is carried out by the lender.

‘Outstanding amounts’ refer to loan interests and also the charges that are applicable and payable by the customer to the lender within the due amount of time. The Website or App collectively would be referred to as ‘Platform.’ ‘Services’ infer the granting, authorizing, and lending of early salary amounts via our platform by the lender.

Social Networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are referred to as ‘Third-Party Platforms.’ Any related information or documentation that is shared with the organization for the usage of services is referred to as ‘User Data.’


An early salary amount can be applied for by using our services if the eligibility criterion is met. It can be rigorously contemplated that the organization has been approved by the lender to gather, tracking and authentication of location cross-checking and validating the user data and documentation validating the details provided for the sanction of the early salary.

The lender is accountable to authorize the organization for gathering and storage of user data by the use of a mobile application form that can be accessed on the platform. If the user wants to avail of our services, in such a scenario it is mandatory to register with the organization via third-party platforms. The mobile application form should be shared and uploaded at the time of application submission.

The user data would additionally be inclusive of your personal information and all the essential details. The browsing history and SMS too. Under surveillance, all bank documents, log-in information of third-party platforms, and various other things would be inclusive.

You permit the team to import all client details that are shared across third-party platforms by being a part of our services. Our team may request updates from you at regular intervals for the aforementioned data and receive all data from third-party platforms.

The transactions carried out by the organization are based on consent and would take place on a non-discretionary basis. The organization has to be authorized by you to receive the important credit information report from various other credit information companies.

Hence, if the user data and other documents are verified and uploaded in the form of a mobile application, the organization would take up the responsibility and eventually carry out the same. The early salary amount is authorized by the lender once the documentation verification is complete.

After this is completed, the NACH mandate form needs to be filled and uploaded, and furthermore any other requirement of documents. The company gathers all the physical documents which would be inclusive of signatures on all documents for granting and sanctioning of the early salary amount.

Once the required documents are collected by the organization, the lender processes the early salary amount to follow according to the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. After the amount is processed, it is then transferred to the client’s account according to the client’s preferred method. The outstanding amount needs to be paid by the client to the lender within the mentioned due date on the mobile application form.

It is then acknowledged by the clients that the organization holds the right to track your current location according to the provision of services and additionally in the scenario when you cease, stop or discontinue to avail of our services. This can be carried out by deleting or uninstalling the mobile application or not using it further.

In case the mobile application is deleted and uninstalled or services are discontinued, you would not be free from the obligation of repaying the outstanding amount. Also, the need to acknowledge that you would be accountable for all the activities carried out under the user account.

The organization is not accountable for any damages or conflicts that may emerge from the misuse of any kind of service. You are accountable for the maintenance of the user account confidentiality by opting to use our services